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My name is Shirrell Tietz, and I am one of your candidates for Wellington Trustee. I am a Colorado native and have lived in Wellington for almost twenty years.

Serving the Wellington community has been one of the most rewarding experiences, and I have enjoyed being a part of what makes Wellington so attractive to prospective residents and businesses. My goal is to make the kind of community that our citizens want it to be and to have them work alongside us to bring their vision to fruition.

I chose our town as my hometown for many distinct reasons, as I am sure you did as well. Affordability, community, great schools and a sense of belonging. That vision needs to be recognized, supported, and pursued again. Wellington is just beginning to evolve, but we are at a pivotal time in that evolution where responsible growth, a balanced budget, and transparency from our administration is imperative to our town’s longevity.

I am looking forward to connecting with familiar faces and meeting many new neighbors as election day nears. I am excited to collaborate with the community to achieve new heights and solve the issues faced by this blossoming town.